CrowdRide is a transport organization system that uses advanced technology to connect passengers and drivers in real time and enable them to share costs.
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Fair cost sharing.

We use PKM points to share costs, which are automatically transferred from the passenger to the driver. The driver can exchange the earned points for money, or use them for transport with another driver. Purchase of PKM points is possible in the application.

Free service


Easy to purchase PKM points

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Cash-Out function

CrowdRide App

route selection

Select the route and GO!

The driver selects the desired destination and confirms the route. The system calculates stops along the way and adds them to the timetable.

Easy driver selection

The system allows the passenger to easily select the driver according to the desired route.
driver confirmation
passenger confirmation

Easy passenger confirmation

The system allows the driver to easily confirm the passenger.

Driver rating

The system offers driver and passenger rating. This ensures a higher level of trust in the individual and maintains the quality of service.
driver rating

For efficiency and cleaner air

By using the CrowdRide service, you participate in the construction of the most diversified passenger transport system in Slovenia, reduce mobility poverty and contribute to the efficient use of energy, time, vehicles and road infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because no other service allows the use of free seats in cars that are actively involved in traffic. This, in turn, leads to irrational use of vehicles, waste of fuel and heavily pollutes the environment.

Yes, the service is free, you only need PKM tokens for driving, with which you share the costs with the car driver.




The PKM point is a unit for fair cost sharing and represents the value of one passenger-kilometer.

PKM points can be purchased in the CrowdRide App. If you are in the role of driver, you will automatically receive them at the end of each ride from the passenger when you bring him to the agreed destination.




PKM points ensure a fair distribution of transport costs. We provide enough drivers on the roads who offer the use of free seats, avoid the use of cash and related problems, and prevent undeclared work.

Yes. With the “cash-out” function, the driver can convert PKM points into money and receive a payout on his bank account.

No. The payment is regulated by law so that it is not necessary to issue an invoice. However, it depends on the country to which you live. 

The system calculates the optimal route, which also includes possible transitions between vehicles and the fastest option to the desired destination.

CrowdRide allows driver and passenger assessment. This ensures a higher level of trust in the individual and maintains the quality of service.

Because the passenger and driver are connected to the CrowdRide system, the transfer of PKM points is performed automatically. PKM points can be purchased via the in-app purchase service. The driver can convert the earned points into cash-out or use them for transport with another driver.

No, because this would make it impossible to ensure quality, regulation and safety for both the passenger and the driver.

The Team

nejc černilogar

Nejc Cernilogar


Nejc is an engineer specializing in automation, computer vision and advanced mobility solutions. He’s always trying to make things better.

david praznik

David Praznik


David has a lot of experience with different startups. He is an UI and UX expert, Art Director and has brought a huge amount of knowledge and solutions to the project.

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